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Posted on February 2, 2014 at 2:10 AM

 I saw this writing on a wall on the first floor of the Hadong Tea Cultural Museum in Hwagae Myeon, South Korea which caught my attention.

The following is an excerpt from Chabu ( Rhapsody to Tea) by Hanjae Yi Mok, a Joseon Dynasty scholar monk who lived (1471~1498). He described the beneficial effects and euphoria of drinking 'seven cups of tea.' 

"Seven Cups of Tea"


1. When drinking the first cup the dried intestines are cleansed.


2. When drinking the second cup of tea, its refreshing spirit seems to make me a Taoist hermit with superpowers.


3. When drinking the third cup of tea, my headache goes away.


4. When drinking the fourth cup of tea, I become grandiose and open-hearted, and my worry and spleen fade away.


5. When drinking the fifth cup of tea, a sex fiend runs away in surprise, and I seem to wear cloud skirt and feather clothes.


6. When drinking the sixth cup of tea, the sun and the moon come to my mind and all the things around me look to be that I didn't even,


7. Drink half of the seventh cup of tea, and a clear wind rises from the heart. When I look up at the door of heaven, it is very close, but there is exhuberant Bongrae Mountain in the middle.

 How would you describe your experience with multiple cups of nokcha? 

 Live well,

 Jirisan Gabriel

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